DGU2: Are You Smarter Than a Potato?

Is Pieface right? Will you get outsmarted by a spud?

JJ and Pieface are having an argument! Pieface reckons his pet potato Paul is way smarter than the average Beano fan. Ouch. Can you prove Pieface wrong and settle this once and for all?

Are you smarter than a spud - or will you land up in hot water?


Potatoes are technically fruit. True or false?


What's heavier - a tonne of metal or a tonne of potatoes?


Where do potatoes come from originally?


There are loads of different types of potato - some are even blue! True or false?


In French, potatoes are called pommes de terre. What does this translate as?

No idea? Just guess!

Totally Random Question

Have you ever challenged your teachers on any of the rules in school?

Answering this question won’t affect your score.

What does Professor Screwtop call Pieface?


Which of these is NOT a real type of potato?

Image by BBC News

in 2010, Peter Glazebrook grew this whopper of a spud. What was special about it?


Potatoes can be pretty healthy - but everyone knows you should eat a mix of lots of different fruit and veg.

If you ONLY ate potatoes, how long could you live before you started to get ill?


Which of these things can potatoes NOT do?

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