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Epic Disney Character Silhouette Quiz

Try our Disney silhouette quiz and see if you can figure who all these shadows represent! If you're the ultimate Disney fan, it should be easy! Good Luck!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 14th 2022

You probably think you're a big Disney fan, but how well do you know all the characters? Try our awesome silhouette quiz and see how many you can recognise! We believe in you! If you liked this, there's loads more Disney Quizzes here; find out who you are with this Which Disney Character Are You? quiz, and test your Mulan knowledge with this awesome Ultimate Mulan Quiz!

1/10 Mystery Disney Character

Firstly: who might this be?

2/10 Mystery Disney Character

Which Princess is this?

3/10 Mystery Disney Character

Which villain is this?

4/10 Mystery Disney Character

Which sidekick might this be?

5/10 Mystery Disney Character

Which prince is this?

6/10 Mystery Disney Character

Who's this?

7/10 Mystery Disney Character

Which character could this be?

8/10 Mystery Disney Character

Which Disney dog is this?

9/10 Mystery Disney Character

Who's this?

10/10 Mystery Disney Character

Lastly, what talking object is this?

Magical result

Magical! You can tell who all these characters are JUST from their silhouettes! You're a Disney genius!

Good job result

Well done! You definitely know your Disney!

Have Another Go result

Hmm, not bad, but try again and we think you can recognise even more characters!

Oh no result

Oh no! Looks like these shadows are all just splats and blobs to you! Never mind, have another go and we promise not to tell anyone about this!