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What Disney Character Are You Quiz?

Are you like Olaf or Edna Mode? Or someone else entirely? Find out now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 22nd 2022
1/12 A cat reading a book

How often do you Ike to read?

2/12 A silhouette of a footballer

What sort of footballer are you?

3/12 Mike Wazowski in Monsters University
Disney Pixar

What are your school reports like?

4/12 A movie clapperboard

If someone was to make a movie about your life, what would it be like?

5/12 A house fly

Pick an insect!

6/12 A dog in the rain

What's your favourite type of weather?ย 


What's your favourite thing to do on the computer?

8/12 A home cinema screening of Toy Story 4
Toy Story 4 | Walt Disney Pictures | Pixar Animation Studios

What kind of room would your dream house have?

9/12 Amazing football clip

What's your favourite type of sport?

10/12 A pair of elf shoes

If you could wear only one kind of shoe, what would you pick?

11/12 Adventure Time
Cartoon Network

Pick a sandwich filling!

12/12 Pens and pencils

Pick something to doodle with

Frozen | Producer: Peter Del Vecho | Director: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee | Walt Disney Pictures

You are: OLAF!

You're a friendly snowman who's obsessed with sunbathing!ย 

Princess Jasmine
DisneyAladdin | Produced and directed by: Ron Clements, John Musker | Disney


You're friendly, loyal and sassy!

Edna Mode
The Incredibles | Producer: John Walker | Director: Brad Bird | Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios

You are: EDNA MODE!

You're a pint-sized fashion icon!

Mike Wazowski
Monsters University | Producer: Kori Rae | Director: Dan Scanlon | Walt Disney Pictures Pixar, Animation Studios


You're a punky little eyeball!