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Do You Dare Take The Ultimate Scary Quiz?

Can you make it to the end of this terrifying picture quiz? It'll take nerves of steel to answer all 10 questions... you have been warned!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 5th 2022

Scary things are scary, that much is obvious. But when you see something creepy, what do you do? Panic and curl up in a ball or grit your teeth and bear it? Let's find out!

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You're at the beach and this little fella scuttles up next to to you. Are you scared?


Ok. Now how about THIS for a crab?


Would you walk on a glass floor like this?


Would you take a short cut down this path?

@pbsdigitalstudios | giphy

What do you think of this green pulsating slime?




You're at home alone and there's a tapping on the back door. What do you do?


Look at these sticks WAIT A SECOND


Would you explore this old flooded mineshaft?


How do you feel about this?

Woah! Nothing scares you!

From dentists to scary clowns, you know no fear! Not even the slightest bit of the heeby-jeebies. Very impressive - but remember, it is ok to be scared of things sometimes though!

You were a bit scared!

Be honest... yes you were! And that's completely normal. Scary things are, well... scary!

You were pretty scared!

You experienced medium fear levels. Enough to give you the heebie-jeebies, but not enough to have you running away screaming. All in, this is a sensible amount to be scared of scary things!

You were absoutely terrified!

ARRRGH! You held it together and made it to the end of the quiz, but that was hard! You were white-knuckle, hand-shaking, full on spooked out panicking! Don't worry - that's very normal!