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Are You a Tricker or a Treater?

When it comes to Halloween, are you total mischief maker or do you like to share your sweet treats? Find out but taking this spooky personality quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 4th 2022

It's that time of year again! How will you behave on October 31? Will you take tricking to new levels with a spectacularly spooky outfit or will you fill your sweet bucket like a total spooky boss?

As we all prepare for the big night, why not take this personality quiz and we'll tell you what Halloween squad you're truly part of: Team Trick or Team Treat!

1/10 A dog in a ghost costume

What kind of Halloween costume will you wear?

2/10 A small vampire waits at an open door

How do you let people know you're at the door?


3/10 What's your favourite Halloween-themed snack?

4/10 A man watching a scary movie

What scares you the most?

5/10 A witch hat

What Halloween accessory do you use every year?

6/10 Green beans

What's the worst vegetable you can think of?

7/10 A hand reaching for a bucket of spilled Halloween sweets

What kind of sweet do you love receiving?


How do you carry around your Halloween sweets?


What's your ultimate Halloween trick?

10/10 A green hand points at a ghost

An actual ghost answers the door. How do you react?


You are a: TRICKER!

You're a total mischief maker on October 31, aren't you? When it comes to all things Halloween, you definitely have both feet in the 'Trick' camp. Please don't wrap anyone's house in toilet paper.


You are a: TREATER!

Every October 31, you love to get dressed up in a fun but spooky outfit and knock on your neighbours' houses for some sweets. Sure, ghosts and vampires and bats are cool, but it's about filling your little pumpkin bucket with tasty treats, isn't it? Yes, it is.