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Do You Know The Inside Jokes of Fortnite?

How long have you ben playing Fortnite? Long enough to know some of these funnies? You'll only get the joke if you're a real Fortnite fan, though...

Everyone loves Fortnite and making jokes about it.

And we’ve got the top 7 jokes but you’ll only get them if you play the game.

1. Everyone drops in Tilted Towers

It’s easily the most popular area in the game, which is why if you hear someone say “Everyone drops to Titled Towers”, you know they must be a massive Fortnite fan.

Bathtubs are overpowered

You can hide in the baths with a well timed flip.Which is what prompted on Fortnite fan to shout “Omg bathtubs are op lol”And who said bath-time was boring?

Reaper building skills

Anyone who’s earned the reaper skin is seriously good at the game.Does that sound like you? If so, you must be a full-on Fortnite fan!

The dirt track on the east of the map looks like someone signed ‘Gus’

And there’s loads of graffiti on the map so “Is this Gus” is a question that must be asked. And answered!

Bush bros

Yeah, sure, you can win by hiding in bushes but it’s not very brave.So ‘DanTDM hides in bushes’ is a joke about them being a scaredy-cat!

Original Fortniters

Although it’s only been out a few months, a lot’s changed.’I played Fortnite before it was cool’ is what the cool kids say but who are they kidding? Fortnite’s ALWAYS been cool!

Crazy ending circles

Normally, you get ending circles in the centre of the map but sometimes? Well, as one Fortnite fan was overheard saying… “Never seen a circle like this before!”