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Dolphin Facts

Dive in our dolphin facts to discover more about these beautiful creatures.

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  October 28th 2022

Dolphins are the best, most awesome mammal thing in the sea and that's why we've compiled this fun list of dolphin facts. Even if you don't agree, there's no denying dolphins are pretty cool and it might be fun to learn some facts about them. 

When you've dophinished reading these and if you're wondering what sort of dolphin you'd be, check out our What Dolphin Am I? quiz. We've also got even more animal facts and fun facts for you to explore. 

Be like a dolphin and dive in!

1. Dolphins have two stomachs!

What the what!? Imagine having two stomachs. Think of all the sweets you could eat before being sick! One of the dolphins stomachs is used to store food while the other stomach is busy digesting food.

2. Don't invite a Dolphin for dinner!

Dolphins never chew their food. They swallow fish whole. A dolphins super-sharp teeth are only used for catching food. You should also never invite a dolphin to dinner because it wouldn't be able to pick up a fork with its flippers.

3. Dolphins can dive up to 1000 feet below the surface of the sea.

Most humans can only dive 20 feet below the surface without any special equipment!

4. There are over forty species of dolphin.

There are lots of different types of dolphin, from the stubby Irrawaddy dolphin to the pink Araguaian river dolphin. None of them should be invited to dinner.

5. Dolphin families are known as pods

Dolphins look after members of their pods often protecting injured family members from predators!

6. Hi Steve. Do you know where I can find some fish?

FACT: Dophins communicate by whistling. Scientist even believe that dolphins give each other names! Just to be clear no dolphin is really called "Steve".

7. Killer Whales are dolphins!

Killer Whales are the largest species and should really be called Killer Dolphins if you ask me.

8. Dolphins can swim up to 20 miles an hour.

It's not quite as fast as Usain Bolt runs, but I'd like to see him catch a fish in his mouth and swallow it whole!

9. Dolphins are super-smart!

Dolphins are thought to be the second cleverest animal species in the world, coming in a close second to people who compile animal facts for the Beano.

10. Dolphin can live up to 50 years

Sadly, dolphins don't have birthday parties.