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57 Totally Glaze-y Doughnut Jokes!

You'll go doughNUTS for these hilarious doughnut jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  January 31st 2024

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Why couldn’t the Teddy Bear eat his donut?

They were stuffed!

A boy holding a teddy bear

What do you get when you cross a snowman with a donut?

Frost the Dough-man!

Why did the donuts take their kids to the theme park?

Because it would be fun for the hole family!

Donut at a theme park

Where do donuts go on holiday?


What is a squirrel's favourite treat?

A do-nut!

A squirrel

What’s a donut’s favourite Star Wars quote?

Dough or Donut, there is no try!

Why would a donut make a good priest?

Because they're already hole-y!

What’s a donut’s favourite Disney song?

Let it dough!

Why was the jam donut upset?

They were full of jelly-sy!

My pottery looked just like a donut...

Maybe it was the glaze!

How do you know when a donut is stale?

When it looks like it's seen better glaze!

Dog joke

I made my friend some donuts...

They thought I was a-glaze-ing!

A chef

What is a donut's favourite Beyoncé song?

Sprinkle Ladies!

An engagement ring

I told a donut about my worries!

They said donut give up!

Why does Rory McIlroy love a bag with a surprise ring donut?

Because they have a hole-in-one!

A mouldy sandwich watches a game of golf

Never insult a donut...

Some of them have fillings, you know!

Why did the donut not give a job to the croissant?

They thought they would be too flaky!

Why did the man return his donut?

Because there was a hole in it!

What kind of donuts can fly?

A plain one!

What type of window do donuts have in their homes?

Double glazed!

What do you call a flooded Dunkin’ Donuts?

Sunken Donuts!

Why sign was on the sleeping donut's door?

Donut disturb!

What is the best way to have a well-rounded diet?

Eat donuts!

Did anybody go to the donut party?

I heard it was jam packed!

I really want to open a donut shop...

But I don’t have enough dough!

Why are donut jokes always so funny?

They never mould!

Why was the strawberry donut late for work?

They were stuck in a traffic jam!

Why did the donut go to the dentist?

To have a filling!

What's a donut's favourite TV show?

The Great British Bake Off!

Why do doughnuts make bad teachers?

They always glaze over the important stuff!

What did the angry donut say after they had a rotten day?

Donut talk to me!

Did you hear the joke about French doughnuts?

It's the Beigne of my existence!

Why did the clock in the doughnut shop always wrong?

It always went back four seconds!

Why do donuts hate lists of one-liners so much?

They donut like to joke around!

How can you spot an influencer donut?

They're first with all the latest glazes!

A dog eating a donut

What's a basketball player's favourite doughnut shop?

Dunkin' Donuts!

Why did the baker quit making doughnuts?

He was fed up with the hole business!

What's the healthiest part of a doughnut?

The middle!

Where was the first doughnut made?

In Greece!

Why are doughnuts healthy?

Because they're a hole food!

What's the best thing about working for a doughnut?

The dough!

Which nut has a hole in it?

A doughnut!

Why couldn't the teddybear eat his doughnut?

He was stuffed!

What's the best thing to put in a doughnut?

Your teeth!

Why did the doughnut go to the doctor?

It was feeling crummy!

What do doughnuts wear to weddings?


What do you call a cute doughnut?


What kind of doughnut flies?

A plain one!

Why are doughnuts sad?

Because they always feel empty inside!

What happens if you plant a doughnut?

You get a dough tree!

What kind of windows do doughnuts prefer?

Double glazed!

How do doughnuts feel about puns?

They DOUGHNUT like them!

How busy was the doughnuts day?

It was jam packed!

Why did the doughnut go to the dentist?

It needed a filling!

Why are doughnuts bad at paying attention?

They always glaze over!

What makes doughnuts so nice?

They're very holesome!

Why are doughnuts so good at golf?

Because they always have a hole in one!

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