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60 Dragon Jokes To Tell At Knight!

These dragon jokes are totally on fire!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 22nd 2023

Dragons are handy pets, aren't they? They can light camp fires, start a barbecue and fly us to the shops if we're in a hurry. Pretty good, we think you'll agree. So, in celebration of our winged pals, here's a round up of the hottest jokes on the internet!

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Why are dragons so bad at law making?

They're too draconian!

Why is there a red dragon on the Welsh flag?

The green one was on holiday!

How do you know if a dragon is angry?

He's all fired up!

What's a dragon's favourite board game?

Dungeons and Dragons!

How often do dragons eat people?


A dragon would never explode...

But a dino might!

Which fruit is the most scared of dragons?

A damson in distress!

What's a dragon's favourite time of day?

Knight time!

Why are dragons so good at rapping?

They're always spitting fire!

Why are dragons so good at telling stories?

They have very long tails!

Who delivers presents to dragons at Christmas?

Santa Claws!

Why should you never try to insult a dragon?

You'll get burned!

Where should you go to meet all your favourite dragons?


Why don't dragons use cutlery?

They have forked tongues!

Where do dragons go when they need a new tail?

The retail store!

What's the weather like when the sky is full of dragons?


What does a dragon have on its floors?


What sort of steak do dragons eat?

Flaming yawn!

Why did the dragon take an axe to its egg?

She wanted to hatch it!

How do dragons lie on their treasure?

With their booty!

Where do dragons go to make deals?

Dragons Den!

Which knight never fights dragons?

Sir Render!

How do you get down off a dragon?

You don't get down off a dragon, you get down off a duck!

Why don't dragons eat wizards?

Their beards get stuck in their teeth!

Why was the dragon tired?

He'd been working the knight shift!

Which day of the week do dragons eat the most knights?


What is a dragons cookery course called?

Knight school!

Which knight took the longest for the dragon to eat?

Sir Cumference!

What do you call a dragon with no silver?

A dron!

What did the dragon say to its egg?

You crack me up!

What do you call a knight who's just been in a fight with a dragon?


What do you call a wizard who's just been eaten by a dragon?


What do you call a wizard riding a dragon?

A flying sorcerer!

What's a dragon's least favourite snack?

Hot wings!

Why do dragons live in caves?

Have you seen house prices at the moment?!

Why do dragons use body lotion?

They've got very scaly skin!

How do you catch a dragon?

With a drag-net!

What eats more knights than a dragon?

Two dragons!

When do dragons breathe ice?

When they have a cold!

What did the dragon say after laying her eggs?

I'm egg-sausted!

What do you do with a green dragon?

Wait for it to ripen!

What do you call a dragon in a silk gown?

A Kimono dragon!

Why do dragons never go to church at the weekend?

They only prey on weak knights!

Why are model dragons disappointing?

They're never to scale!

Why are dragons bad at telling stories?

Because their tails tend to drag on!

Why did the dragon stop fighting with knights?

They got bored of canned food!

Why do dragons never make plans?

They like to wing it!

Why are dragons good storytellers?

Because they all have long tails!

Why was the dragon nervous on their birthday?

Because they had to blow the candles out!

Toy Dinosaur blowing out a Birthday candle with cup cake on a gray background

What does a dragon eat for a snack?


How do you get four dragons into a car?

Open the doors!

What time is it when a dragon decides to sit on your bike? 

Time to get a new bike!

What is a dragon's favourite meal?

Hot wings!

Which side of a dragon has the most scales?

The outside!

What is a dragon's favourite TV show?

Britain's Got Talons!

How much does a dragon weigh?

Ask them because they've got scales!

What do you get if you kiss a dragon?

Burnt lips!

What do you call a dragon who can juggle?

Really talon-ted!

Why are dragons so musical?

Because they know their scales!

Why do dragons sleep during the day?

So they can fight knights!

A knight and a rubber chicken