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30 Bat Jokes that you'll go Batty for!

You'll go batty for these hilarious jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  February 27th 2023

You'll go batty for these jokes, they're flappin' hilarious!

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What do you call a baby bat?

A battle!

A magician and a bat

What did the bat do when it was bored?

Just hung around!

What's the first thing a bat does when they wake up?

Go to the bat-room!

What did the bat study at university?


Where do bats carry their school books?

In their bat pack!

Which piece of sports equipment always comes out at night?

A cricket bat!

What's the first thing a vampire bat reads in the newspaper?

Their horror scope!

How do bats find their way home?

Bat Nav!

How many bats does it take to lift a person?

One massive one!

Who is Batty Flintoff?

A cricket bat!

What do you do if you really like a bat?

Join its fang club!

What's smarter than a talking bat?

A spelling bee!

How do bats say hello?

With a sound wave!

What do bats do with their friends?

Hang out!

Where do vampire bats keep their money?

In a blood bank!

Which circus performers have wings?

The acro-bats!

How does a bat get into the house?

Through the bat flap!

What do bats do for fun?


What do bats use to make cakes?


How do bats check that they don't fly into anything?

They look in their wing mirror!

Where do bats have a wash?

In the bat room!

Did you hear about the bats who got into a fight?

It was a real bat-tle!

Did you hear about the bats who went out?

It was a blind date!

What do you get if you cross a bat and a bell?

A dingbat!

What's the best way to hold a bat?

By the handle!

What do bats learn at school?

The alpha-bat!

What happens when a mouse grows wings?

It goes batty!

What do you put in a flying mammal when it runs out of juice?


How many bats does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

None - they prefer the dark!

An upside down bat and a lightbulb

A bat told me I was rubbish at bowling

To be honest , it hit me for six

Why can't Bruce Wayne get a date?

He has bat-breath!