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15 Dua Lipa Facts To Blow Your Mind (Mwah)

Click here to find out what the iconic popstar Dua Lipa has to do with pterodactyls and splattering policeman with bubble bath!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  October 14th 2023

Dua Lipa is an inspirational artist, a record-breaking success, an icon and... well, if you're here we probably don't need to convince you how good she is! From her musical beginnings and rockstar dad to her bright future and spelling skills, there's lots to be learned about (and from) Dua Lipa! So what are you waiting for? Let's get on with these facts!

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1. Dua Lipa is her real name!

Dua Lipa isn't a stage name! It's her real, full name - the same one that's in her passport and everything! She's said that as a child she didn't like it, but thankfully it's grown on her. It's so unique that it makes a great artist name!

2. Dua means "love"

First up it's pronounced "Duer", and is an Albanian name. The word means love! Dua was born in London and grew up there, but her parents are Albanians from Kosovo (more on them in a minute). She is close to her Kosovan roots and visits her family home regularly.

3. She comes from a musical family

@Wired | Youtube

Her father Dukagjin Lipa is a musician who is known for his rock band Oda, and for being the founder of the Sunny Hill Festival in Kosovo. Dua was always surrounded by music growing up, so it’s no surprise that's the direction she went down. But having musical parents doesn't automatically make you gifted - she still deserves all the credit!

4. Her singing teacher told her she couldn't sing!

When Dua was 11, her choir teacher told her she couldn't sing as her voice was too low. What??? We hope they know how successful Dua is now! This just goes to show that if someone says you can't do something, they're probably wrong.

5. She moved out at 15... and was signed at 18!

@Vogue France | Youtube

Dua left home early and lived with friends in London. She remembers this as being quite a hard time in her life, as she had to suddenly learn how to wash and clean and feed herself without her mum around. Nowadays though she can get all sorts of fancy food anytime she wants - here she is eating snails in a restaurant in France!

6. She went to the same school as Amy Winehouse

Dua Lipa and Amy Winehouse went to the same school, the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School in Marylebone, London. Lots of other successful artists went there, people like: Rita Ora, Tom Fletcher, and Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson!

7. She's great at spelling!

Music isn't her only talent! Dua Lipa is also really good at spelling - something she impressed some interviewers with when she confidently spelled "pterodactyl" without skipping a beat! A pterodactyl is a kind of flying dinosaur, by the way!

8. She worked as a bouncer!

Before she became famous, Dua had to work a few rubbishy jobs to make ends meet. OIne of them was working the door at a nightclub! She often had to deny her own friends entry for wearing trainers, and apparently hated it!

9. She's the first female artist to get 5 Brit Award nominations

A golden Academy Award

In 2018, Dua was nominated for British Female Solo Artist, British Breakthrough Act, MasterCard British Album Of The Year, British Single Of The Year and British Video Of The Year, making it the first time a female artist had scored five nominations at the Brits! She ended up taking home two - British Female Solo Artist and British Breakthrough Act. Amazing! We're sure there'll be lots more to come, too!

10. She really likes Tupac

Dua famously loves the work of hiphop legend Tupac Shakur. And even though their music doesn't really sound that similar, she still lists Tupac as an early musical inspration for her. She likes him so much that Tupac's tracks are what Dua regularly picks whenever she does karaoke!

11. Dua Lipa holds a Guinness World Record

@GQ | Youtube

The Brits aren't the only records she smashed! In 2018, Dua Lipa got the Guinness World Record for the most simultaneous Billboard US Hot 100 entries by a female artist. She had a total of nine songs on the charts at the same time!

12. She gives to charity

Dua is keen to use her platform and success for good! She regularly donates to organisations like UNICEF and the Elton John AIDS Foundation, and has done lots of work for charity in the past. Nice work, Dua!

13. She was given a key to her hometown in Kosovo

In 2018, Dua went back to the city of Prishtina, Kosovo to be awarded the first key to the city from the Mayor. This ceremonial key is to show the pride the whole town feel for her, and to thank her for her work. What an honour!

14. She makes "dark pop"

Dua Lipa has descrobed her own music as "dark pop", beause as she explained in one of her interviews that most of her inspiration comes from sadness. It's an emotion she says sticks in the back of her mind, which is why even in her upbeat fun songs, there is sometimes still a hint of sadness there.

15. She got in trouble with the Police!

@Pitchfork | Youtube

Let's end this list with a good story! When she was 15, Dua and her mates were mucking about with bubble bath on a balcony – and without realising, they soaked a police officer who was walking underneath! The policeman was not impressed - and even threatened her with assaulting a police officer! When she said she was only 15 though the policeman ended up just telling her off. Phew! A lucky escape!

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