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Ultimate Easter True or False Quiz!

Think you know everything about the most chocolatey holiday of the year? See if you sort the truth from the lies in this Easter-themed true or false quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 22nd 2024

It's the happiest, hoppiest time of the year! You've probably learned all about it in class, so let's see if you were listening! Pick the facts and spot the fiction with this extra Easter-y True or False quiz! And stay put for some more Easter goodness - why not learn all about the Easter Bunny, try some Easter riddles, or see how much you know about Easter films!


Easter is always on the same day every year!


It happens in the spring!


It's a time to give chocolate eggs!


Easter celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ!


The name "Easter" comes from an ancient German goddess!


The Easter animal is a badger!


Cadbury makes 500 million Creme Eggs every year!


Painting eggs was originally a French tradition!


Christians fast for 40 days before Easter!


Pretzels are a traditional Easter food!

Oops - you need to learn more about this holiday! Don't worry, there's always time to give it another go!

Not bad - you know a couple of things about Easter! There's more to the holiday than just chocolate though - why not come back and have another go when you've learned more?

Very good - you're a bit of an Easter expert! We bet you can get a perfect score though - why not try again and see?

Absolutely perfect! You know so much about Easter, you're a total expert - or maybe you're the Easter Bunny himself?!