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20 Easter Riddles That'll Have You Hunting for Clues

We're just hopping mad for these totally eggs-cellent Easter riddles!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  March 26th 2023

It's nearly that time of year! Time off school, Easter egg hunts, and... oh yeah, CHOCOLATE! What could be better? To celebrate we've put together a list of Easter riddles to tickle your brain (and your funny bone)! See if you can guess the answer to these - some are easy, some are a little tricky, and some are just plain eggs-asperating!

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1. How many eggs can you put in an empty basket?

Answer: One! After that, the basket has one egg in it!

2. How do you make Easter easier?

Answer: By replacing the T with an I!

3. What comes at the end of Easter?

Answer: R!

4. What does the Easter bunny hide at the bottom of the ocean?

Answer: Oyster eggs!

5. How can you tell which Easter bunny is the oldest?

Answer: Look for the grey hare...

6. What do you call the Easter bunny the day after Easter?

Answer: Eggs-hausted!

7. When does Valetine's Day come before Easter?

Answer: In the dictionary!

8. I grow bigger when the Easter bunny takes more from me. What am I?

Answer: A hole!

9. What's an Easter bunny's favourite kind of music?

Answer: Hip-hop!

10. What kind of jewellery does the Easter bunny wear?

Answer: 24 Carrot, of course!

11. How does the Easter bunny travel?

Answer: By hare-plane!

12. How do you catch the Easter bunny?

Answer: Hide in a bush and make a noise like a carrot!

13. What sport do you have to play on Easter?

Answer: Basket-ball!

14. What do you get if you pour boiling water down a rabbit hole?

Answer: Hot cross bunnies!

15. What happens if twenty bunnies all take a step back?

Answer: You get a receding hare line!

16. Why are people always so tired in April?

Answer: Because they've just finished a March!

17. What happens when you tell an Easter egg a joke?

Answer: It cracks up!

18. On my way to London, I came face to face with a man with seven baskets. Each basket had seven bunnies, each bunny had seven baby bunnies, and each baby bunny had seven chicks. How many living things were going to London?

Answer: One - me! Everyone else is going the other way!

19. Why did the Easter egg hide?

Answer: It was a little chicken!

20. I can only be used once I'm broken. What am I?

Answer: An egg!