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Gymnastics Quiz: Can You Sort The True From The False?

Don't lose your balance on this gymnastics-themed true or false quiz! Will you stick the landing, or will you wobble?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 7th 2024

This gymnastics quiz is flipping fantastic! You'll be walking on the balance beam between true and false - can you get a perfect ten, or will the judges be unimpressed? Good luck! And don't forget to try some of our other gymnastics-themed quizzes! Try the ultimate gymnastics quiz, find out what kind of gymnast you are - or why not have a laugh with some hilarious gymnastics jokes?!


Gymnatsics takes place in the swimming pool!

USA Gymnastics |

Simone Biles is the first gymnast to ever score a perfect 10!


Women use music in their routines, and men don't!


You can start gymnastics when you're in your twenties!


You have to be 16 to compete in the Olympics as a gymnast!


The word "gymnastic" comes from a Greek word meaning "naked"!


Gymnastics were first included in the Olympics in 1951!


If you're a rhythmic gymnast, you can't perform tumbling moves!


There are springs under the mat where gymnasts perform their floor routine!


Gymnasts put chalk on their hands to help keep their grip!

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