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Advanced Gymnastics Quiz - Will You Score A Perfect 10?!

Fly through the air, like a fox! Spin like a… fox? Are foxes gymnasts? Only experts can know for sure!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 19th 2024

Gymnastics is amazing, true gymnastic experts can do things with their bodies that regular people can only dream about! But how much do you know about the world of gymnastics?! Are you a flick flack extraordinaire or can you only just about manage a handstand? Let’s put your brain to the test and maybe after that, the next step will be the crash mats themselves!?


What do they call these?


How long has trampolining been in the Olympics?


What is this piece of equipment called?


What is the stuff gymnasts put on their hands?


What do you have to do in the corners of a floor routine?


What is it called when a gymnast gets off the equipment?


Gymnastics as we know it today started with which ancient civilisation?


How old was Nadia Comanceci when she scored the first ever ‘perfect 10’?


Is rowing a gymnastic sport?


What is a leotard?

Oh dear! Alright, so it doesn’t quite look like you’re at the highest level of gymnastic knowledge just yet. There is still room to improve, it's true! But that’s completely fine, you’ve never seen a new-born baby doing a backflip have you? It takes practice, so keep at it and let’s go from there!

Alright! Now we’re getting somewhere! Well done, but we think yo’ve got a bit more gas in the ol’ tanks to score higher! Why not have another try and see if you can get back on the horse and really start moving that body (quiz brain) of yours! You can do it!

Awesome! You’ve got a great knowledge of gymnastics and you’re able to show that! There aren’t that many people out there with knowledge like yours, but that doesn’t mean now is the time to stop! Gymnastics is all about pushing yourself, and improving your abilities, so why not have another try and see if you can score 100% on this quiz!

There it is! Well done! You’re a real gymnast! You’ve got all the know-how locked into your brain and you're probably ready to start getting out there and doing it properly. But you’ve always got to make sure you're doing it safely, it's a pretty big deal to spin 500 times in the air and then land without slipping over! You might not be able to do th