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Try This Brain-Bending Gymnastics Picture Quiz!

Do you know gymnastics inside out and upside down? Have a spin, a swing or a flip at these tricky gymnastics picture clues!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 21st 2024

Are you a budding gymnast? Well no matter if you're Simone Biles or just a bit flexible, this quiz is sure to stretch those quiz muscles! This quiz won't just test your gymnastics knowledge, it'll also find out how good you are at spotting gymnastics equipment and moves from 10 tricky pictures!

Ready to quiz? Let's limber up and get started!


Let's start off easy! What's this? Answer to reveal!

2/10 A gymnast on the beach

What gymnastics move is this?


And what bit of equipment is this?


And what move is this?


...And what's this?

6/10 A gymnast leaping

What move is this?


What is this gymnast stood on?


And what move is this?


What bit of gym equipment is this from?


And what is this gymnast using?

Bah! Too bad! Looks like someone needs to swot up on their gymnastics skills! Never mind though, we have plenty of other sporty quizzes! Fancy a go on a different one? Better luck next time! Or you can have another go on this one!

Pretty good! We have definitely seen worse scores than this! You clearly know a few things about gymnastics, but couldn't quite get all these picture clues right. Never mind - do you know where you went wrong? Have another go at this quiz and see if you can get a higher score! Good luck!

Amazing! This is a really good score! You know loads about gymnastics - and even better than that, you're good at spotting what's going on in the pictures too! Well done - you didn't quite get 100% but an impressive score either way!

Amazing! Fantastic score! Well done! You know loads about gymnastics! And great job getting all the pictire clues too! Now you can't beat this perfect score - but you might be able to match it on a different sports quiz! Up for giving it a go? We have lots more!