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What's Beneath These JNCO Jeans?

Can you work out what's hiding behind these massive baggy jeans? Test your 90s fashion skills with this ridiculous picture quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 23rd 2024

JNCO jeans were really big in the 90's… and they're making a huge comeback! they were famous for being really big and baggy (like, really big and baggy). So big in fact that you can hide a lot behind them! It's up to you to work out which famous landmarks are hiding behind these gigantic jeans!


Let's start off easy! What European city is hiding behind this pair of JNCO jeans?


What Big American landmark is hiding behind this pair of JNCO jeans? Can you work it out?


And which monument might be hiding behind this pair?


And which planet in our solar system is hiding behind this gigantic pair of JNCO jeans?


This pair is covering up a place called Guilin county. Where is that?


Look behind these jeans and you'll find this amazing building. It's in Africa... But which country?


What kind of ecosystem is behind these jeans?


What kind of sports match is this JNCO wearer getting in the way of?


Get out of the way, JNCO jeans! I want to look at... what?


This landscape must be in the... what?


Bah! Too bad! looks like the JNCO jeans were just too big for you! No wonder you couldn't see anything behind them! Never mind - have another go and see if you can score any higher! Otherwise we have lots of other super fun quizzes to do!


Pretty good! You managed to work out at least some of these tricky trouser clues! But quite a few managed to slip past though. Unlucky! Have another go and see if you can score any better next time round? Lots more quizzes where this one came from, by the way!


Nicely done! This is a really good score! Well done! You almost got 10/10! Great work - do you know where you went wrong? Let's see if you can beat this score on a different fashion quiz! Or picture quiz! We have lots more of both!


Amazing! 10/10! The perfect score! Even though JNCO jeans may be the biggest ever, that didn't stop you working out what was hiding behind them! Nothing gets past you! Now, you can't beat this score, but you mightbe able to match it on a different picture quiz? Let's find out!