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Try This Tailor-made Emoji Fashion Quiz!

Can you name the fashion brand from these tricky emoji picture clues? Try this quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 1st 2023

Think you know your fashion brands? Well whatever your style is, this ridiculous emoji brain teaser will be sure to test you! The rules are simple, just check out these 10 emoji picture clues and see if you can work out which real-life fashion brand we're hinting at! Go on, give it a go!


What brand is this?


And this one?


How about this one?


Hmmm. Interesting!


Any guesses what brand this could be?


Next up... it's... what?



Guess that brand!


What could it be? Guess now, fashionistas!


Yikes! Either your knowledge of fashion is bad... or your emoji guessing skills need some improvement! Which one is it? Either way you should have another go at this quiz! Or at least try a different emoji quiz! Go on! Better luck next time!

Not too shabby! This is a decent score - you really know your fashion! A few questions did trip you up though. Do you know where you went wrong? Have another go and see if you can score a bit higher next time round!

Very good! This is a really nice score! Well done! You clearly know a lot about fashion, and have the lateral thinking skills to work out the emoji clues, too! You only got 1 or two wrong which is impressive. Can you beat this score on a different emoji quiz? Let's find out!

Wahoo! 10/10 - the perfect score! This is fantastic! Amazing work - you can't beat this! You might be able to match it on a different, harder emoji quiz though. Fancy giving it a go? We have a lot more quizzes like this one!