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Which North Face Jacket Are You?

The North Face make some pretty cool jackets, but which are you most like?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 8th 2024

Are you the kind of person that loves being in the outdoors? Or are you simply not going to say no to playing in the park even if it’s raining?! Well you’re probably the kind of person that’ll need a good jacket, so why not find out which North Face jacket would suit you best with this quiz right here! Give it a go and let’s see what happens!


Where do you want to visit the most?


What is your dream weather?


Someone has spilled baked beans on your jacket, what do you do?


You keep tripping over a curb near your house, what do you do about it?


You’ve painted your house in a camouflage pattern, but now you’ve lost your camouflage pattern jacket - where do you look first?


Which animal would look best in a North Face jacket?


You’ve torn your old coat on a fence - what do you do?


What is most important about a jacket to you?


The sun is rising on another day - what is your first thought?


What is your favourite animal?

No North Face for you!

So based on your answers, you actually don’t have much in common with North Face Jackets, and maybe they’re not for you! To be honest, for what you get, they’re a bit expensive so you’ve probably dodged a bullet there! What is important about outdoor clothes is that you layer up, with lots of thin layers, that’s what really keeps you warm!



Alright! So after all of that, you actually haven’t got much about you that screams North Face! In fact, according to our quiz machine, you’ve actually got more in common with Patagonia jackets! These jackets are a lot like North Face, but over all they’re much better for the planet and they spend a lot of money to make sure they use recycled stuff! So think about that when you’re choosing a jacket!

The North Face

Falcon Brown!

Nice, you’ve gotten the Falcon Brown Conrad Notes Jacket! This one has mountains or something on it? We’re not sure but it looks pretty cool! It’s waterproof, just like an umbrella and it’ll be guaranteed to keep you warm so long as it doesn’t get too cold! But above all it’s a pretty cool design and it’ll make you stand out from the rest, which is the kind of person you are! Awesome!

The North Face

Arctic Parka!

Amazing! You’ve got most in common with the Arctic Parka! This cool coloured coat is long enough to keen your legs a little bit warm which is pretty darn important when it comes to spending a lot of time outdoors! Not only will it keep you warm though, but it’s got a fake fur lining around the hood that means you can pretend to be a bear or something if you like! Nice!