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This Sports Picture Quiz is Only For Winners!

You'll have to be on the ball if you want to come out on top of this sporty picture quiz! Are you ready to give it a try?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 20th 2023

Are you obsessed with all things sporty? Are you good at spotting things from a distance? Well this is the quiz for you! We've found 10 tricky picture clues and we want you to tell us what sport these pictures belong to!

Know your rackets from your wickets? You'll have to if you want to get 100% on this tricky picture quiz!

1/10 A game of cricket

What's this little wooden nubbin called?

2/10 A stitched leather ball with a moustache

What sport is this from?

3/10 A close up of a sports item

And what's this thing?

4/10 A ball pulling a face

What sport is this strange pattern from?

5/10 A person pointing to a ball

And this one?

6/10 A stitched leather ball with a dolphin laughing next to it


7/10 A metal disc looking to the left

What sport is this odd thing from?

8/10 A close up of a leather ball

Guess that stitch!

9/10 Some corks on a mysterious object

What sport does this nubbin belong to?

10/10 A piece of sports equipment which looks like an round iron

And what is this thing?

Result: Uh oh

Bah! Too bad! No high score for you! Sorry! Looks like you either need to play some more sports, or pay more attention to the ones you already play! Unlucky! But never mind - you can always have another go or try a different sports quiz! Better luck next time!

Result: Pretty good

Not bad at all! This is a decent score, and this hockey puck knows it! You could've scored a bit higher, but you could've scored lower too. Fancy another go? You might be able to beat this score! Otherwise we have lots of other quizzes for you to try!

Result: Great

Amazing! This is a very nice score! You really know your stuff! Hardly anything gets past you when it comes to sport pics - but you didn't quite manage to bag full marks. Do you know where you went wrong? Let's see if you can get an EVEN higher score on a different sporty picture quiz!

Result: yes

Wahoo! Great work! You really know your stuff - nothing gets past you! Even our sneaky trick questions! Well done! This is an amazing 10/10 score! You can't beat this result, but you might be able to match it on another one of our amazing sports picture quizzes! Let's give one a go!