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Super Silly Slime Picture Quiz

There is a heck load of slime in the world - but can you ID the slime?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 6th 2023

It’s a big world out there, and there is a whole load of slime in it - some of it is super gross, but some of it makes a farting sound when you squeeze your thumb in! Can you tell your slimes apart? Because a lot might ride on it! Let’s see once and for all - here we go!


Cupcake top or slime?


Pastry or slime?


What is this slime?


Name this slime?


Slime or Food?


Slime or Food?


What is this?


What is this?


Name this slime?


Name this slime?

Oh dear! Looks like you need to pay more attention in slime-school you haven’t done so well with this quiz! But don’t worry, not many people are full experts in the world of slime so just keep trying and we’re sure you’ll get there! Why not have another try and see if you can do better?!

Alright! Now we’re really gooping our way forward! Well done! You clearly know a thing or sloo about slime! But we think that you can probably do better? Have you got what it takes to be the slime-lord? Well if you want to prove yourself, you better have another go and see what happens!

Oh yeah! Now we’re talking! With ID knowledge like yours, there can’t be very many slimes out there that you wouldn’t be able to identify. Great work! But we think that maybe you’ve got a little bit more slime in the tank, so why not try one last time and see if you can get all of them correct?!

BLAM! You’ve done it! There are no more secrets of the slime left! You’ve conquered the highest heights and scaled the slimiest slopes! Well done! Give yourself a slap on that slimy back of your in pure congratulations! Epic work, now why not check out some of the other quizzes we’ve got on the site?