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10 Funny Egyptian Jokes To Tell Your Mummy

It's only Pharaoh that we share these funny Egyptian jokes with you! If you like jokes about pyramids and mummies, then these are for you! Isis-pect you'll love them!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 17th 2022

We think you'll love these Egyptian jokes - they're really mummy! You'd have to be in de-Nile to think these jokes aren't hilarious! And if you liked these, there's loads more jokes on! For more history jokes, why not try these? Or maybe you'll lol at these Viking jokes? Or if you're looking for more recent history, how about these out of this world Moon Landing facts? And of course, there's endless lols over at our main jokes hub!

Who's an Egyptian archaeologist's favourite person?

Their mummy!

Crocodiles don't believe in rivers...

They're in de-Nile!

Why was the mummy so stressed?

He was all wound up!

What's a mummy's favourite music?


What do you call an Egyptian doctor?

A Cairo-practor!

What do brave ancient Egyptians write in?


Why was the mummy upset about his tomb building business?

He found out it was a pyramid scheme!

I just got a job as an Egyptian god...

Now I'm Set for life!

Why was the Pharaoh sad?

He missed his mummy!

Are ancient Egyptians any good at building pyramids?

Up to a point!