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20 Jokes to Send You To Viking Val-haha!

These funny jokes and puns will definitely be to your Viking!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  May 23rd 2022

These Viking jokes and puns are so funny, there's Norway you won't laugh! And if you liked these, check out these hilarious animal jokes! Or how about these hilarious pirate jokes to tell all your mateys? Maybe you'd like to check out these thuper Thor facts? As as usual there's even more lols on our main jokes page!

Where do Viking zombies go sailing?

The Dead Sea!

What's a Vikings favourite letter of the alphabet?


Where do old Vikings go?

The Norsing home!

What raids and pillages and has fangs?


What do you call a disco group made up of Vikings?

The Pillage People!

What music do Vikings listen to?


Where do rodent Vikings live?


Want to hear a Viking joke?

Never mind, there's Norway you'd get it!

Which day is the most romantic for Vikings?

Vallhallantines day!

What happened to the Viking who got reincarnated?

He was Bjorn again!

What do you call a Viking who doesn't eat animal products?


What did the Viking say to her husband?

'I think it's going to rain, deer!'

How do Vikings communicate?

Norse code!

What happened to the Viking god who accidentally hit himself with his hammer?

He was Thor!

Why was the Viking longboat so cheap?

It was on sail!

What is a Viking's favourite sea creature?

A swordfish!

What do you call a Viking with a rake?

Leif Erikson!

What do you call a Viking librarian?

Erik the Read!

Who is Thor's favourite pop star?

MC Hammer!

Why did the Viking have such an old boat?

He couldn't afjord a new one!