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28 Encanto Jokes To Crack You Up

Is your magic power joke telling? Then have a lol at these magical Encanto jokes! They're enchanting!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 9th 2022

It's time for some chuckles courtesy of Disney's new film Encanto! With their magical powers and unique quirks, Mirabel and the rest of the Madrigal family are sure to put a smile on your face! We've compiled 28 of the funniest Encanto puns and jokes for your enjoyment, so get ready for some major laughs! And if you liked these, we've got more Disney jokes here! Or why not have a laugh at these Frozen funnies? And if you still need more, we've got more Disney quizzes, jokes and fun here, and as usual, hundreds more jokes on our jokes hub!

Why is Bruno never surprised by anything?

He saw it coming!

What did Pico say when Antonio wouldn't play with him?

Toucan play at that game!

Why was Camilo crying?

He was being a real baby!

What does Mirabel do for fun?

She climbs the family tree!

Did you hear the joke about the Encanto mountains?

They're hill-arious!

Why was Camilo unhappy?

He wasn't feeling himself!

What did Luisa say to the rude donkey?

You've got bad stable manners!

Mirabel is a lot of fun...

She really brings the house down!

What happened when the casita broke a window?

It was pane-ful!

What did Mirabel say to Isabela?

Hey bud, how's it growing?

How was Pepa?

Under the weather!

Luisa is very sweet...

She'd move mountains for you!

Why do the Magrigal family love their powers?

It opens a lot of doors for them

How does Luisa get into the casita?

With a don-key!

Have you heard about the Madrigal Casita?

It's lit!

What instructions came with the Madrigal Casita?

Candle with care!

Why did Pico stop using his phone?

He had a huge bill!

What happened to Camilo during the film?

He really grew as a person!

What did Bruno say when he realised everything was going wrong?


Why did Mirabel try to find Bruno?

To lend a helping sand!

What did Alma say to the candle?

You light up my life!

Did you hear the joke about Bruno?

Shh! We don't talk about Bruno!

Why is Encanto so warm?

It's not Chile!

What did Mariano say to Isabela?

I'm WILD about you!

Did you hear about Isabela?

She's really blossomed!

What's so spooky about Dolores' gift?

It's very ear-y!

Have you heard about Dolores' special gift?

No, but she has!

Why doesn't Antonio talk to Jaguars?

They're never spotted!