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20 Enhypen Jokes That Are Future Perfect!

Need some pitch-perfect K-pop themed jokes to brighten up your day? These Enhypen jokes go big AND go home!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 19th 2024

We've served up some K-pop themed laughs before - and now it's time for the Enhypen edition! Calling all Engenes to read along and have a giggle - you'll laugh so hard, you'll be running a FEVER! Don't forget to check out our other musical-themed jokes, too - try some K-Pop jokes, some Itzy jokes, or some Dua Lipa jokes!

Why are Enhypen’s concerts so special?

They think you should Go Big Or Go Home!

Why did Sunghoon want to move to New York City?

He was Upper East Side Dreamin’!

Why are Enhypen so special?

They’re One In A Billion!

Why can Enhypen only perform in the daytime?

They Need The Light!

How did Ni-ki feel when he found a penny then broke a mirror?


What do you get if you cross Enhypen, candy, and a snake?

Sweet Venom!

Why is Sunoo so good at cooking?

He loves fresh beets!

How long did it take Enhypen to finish their album?

10 Months!

What did Jungwon say to the vampire?

Bite Me!

What has seven heads and sings, dances and raps?


What do you call it when Enhypen rob a bank on Valentine’s Day?


Why did Jake become a gardener?

He wanted to BLOSSOM!

Where did Enhypen go for a fun day out?

The Border: Carnival!

What did Jay get when he stayed out in the rain?


What is Enhypen’s favourite grammatical tense?

Future Perfect!

What did Jungwon say when the rest of the band locked him out?

Let Me In!

What do you get if you cross Enhypen, citrus fruit, and a vampire?

Orange Blood!

What is Enhypen’s least favourite kind of mail?


How much cake did Heeseung take?

Just A Little Bit!

What did Sunghoon say to his class when he became a teacher?

“Attention, please!”