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20 Itzy Jokes That Really Pop!

Get ready for 20 very funny Itzy jokes to scratch that Kpop itch! We've put together the funniest Itzy jokes for true Midzys!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 20th 2023

These Itzy jokes are pop-tastic! Check out these 20 funny jokes all about your favourite Kpop band! And if you liked these, how about more Kpop jokes here! We've got these Olivia Rodrigo jokes too if you want more music lols! Or how about these classic Adele jokes! And if you still want more laughs, we've got hundreds more great jokes on our main jokes hub!

What's Itzy's favourite song?

I don't know, it's None of My Business!

How do Itzy travel around?

On a Loco-motive!

What has ten feet and sings?


What do Lia and a mummy have in common?

They both have great wrapping skills!

What did the teacher say when Itzy forgot to do their homework?

You're in treble!

Where is Itzy's favourite place in the UK?


When do Itzy sound their best?

In the morning!

Why aren't Itzy allowed to DJ?

They've broken too many records!

What does Lia use at Christmas?

Rapping paper!

What is Itzy's favourite planet?


Who is Itzy's favourite Beatle?


Did you hear that a member of Itzy has joined a metal band?

It's called Ryujin Against the Machine!

I love 'Cake'...

It's a top tier Itzy song!

It's so easy to learn bits of Itzy's songs...

It's a piece of Cake!

Why are Itzy so good at fishing?

They have great lines and great hooks!

Why did Lia go to the supermarket?

She heard they had fresh beets!

Why don't balloons like Itzy?

They hate pop music!

How are Itzy so quiet?

They're always wearing their Sneakers!

What is Itzy's favourite type of music?

Seoul Music!

How did Itzy get to Madison Square Gardens?