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Erin & Aaron Character Quiz

Every character in Erin and Aaron have their differences, but who have you got the most in common with?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 8th 2024

The music you like says a lot about you - so when it comes to this musically minded TV show it could go any way! So let’s dig deep into the sheet music and see if you’ve got more of a pop or a rock side to you! Are you deep down a bit of an Erin, or are you just another Natasha pretending to be a miniature horse?! Let’s see for ourselves!


What is your favourite instrument?


What would you rather smell like forever?


You’ve got some free time, how do you spend it?


There is a horse in your kitchen, what do you do?


A photographer is coming to take some photos for a news story, what do you wear?


What do you like to eat for breakfast?


School is closed - where do you go on a day out?


Your best friend asks to borrow your favourite guitar, what do you do?


What is your favourite genre of music?


The horse that was in your kitchen has blocked your toilet - what do you use to clear the blockage?

Nickelodeon | YouTube


Awesome! Erin is the best, she’s strong willed and she doesn’t take any nonsense! Nobody stands in ehr way, and definitely not her step-brother! A bit like you, Erin cannot be tamed, and unless she wants to do it, there’s no point trying. That doesn’t mean she's always right, but she’s got the inner strength to know when she’s made a mistake and fix it! What a result!

Nickelodeon | YouTube


Nice! You’ve got the most in common with Aaron! Now Aaron might come across as a little bit soft around the edges and overly sensitive, but that’s just because he’s got a heart of gold! A bit like you, Aaron really cares about the people around him and wants everyone to be happy - the world could do with more Aarons! But that doesn’t mean that sometimes you don’t need an Erin type to give life a bit of flavour!

Nickelodeon | YouTube


Alright! Now we all know Natasha is a child, but somehow, despite her young age and small size - she’s got the spirit of a mighty lion! Natasha isn’t afraid of anything, not of school, not of her parents, or even getting in trouble! She knows how to get what she wants and she isn’t afraid to keep going till it’s hers! A bit like you, Natasha has the spirit to get through anything! What a great result!

Nickelodeon | YouTube


Blam! You’ve got Chuck! Now Chuck might be one of the sillier characters in the show, and sure, sometimes they don’t wear trousers when they should - but Chuck is having the best time of the bunch! A little bit like you, Chuck knows that the key to a good life is taking the good with the bad and trying to laugh through it! Well done!