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Great British Menu Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

Get your apron on and make sure your menu is up to scratch - it's time to test your Great British Menu knowledge!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 2nd 2024

If you can't get enough of cooking shows, Great British Menu will be up there as one of your faves! See how well you know the smash-hit show with these ten trying questions - will you be the winner, or are you totally cooked? We've got more foodtastic content if you need it afterwards - why not find out which GBBO presenter you are, or learn 20 fantastic and unusual facts about food?


Where can you watch the show?

Great British Menu | Optomen | BBC Two, BBC One

In which year did the show start?


Who was the meal in the first series for?

Great British Menu | Optomen | BBC Two, BBC One

How many series did Jennie Bond present?


Which of these comedians presented the show in 2020?


Which country has Tom Kitchin represented on more than one series?

The Great British Bake Off | Love Productions | Channel 4

Which Great British Bake Off judge is also a judge on Great British Menu?


In which series did Rachel Khoo appear as a judge?


Where was the D-Day Banquet in Season 14 held?


What event is the 2024 series celebrating?

Uh oh - looks like you've got a lot to learn about Great British Menu! Don't worry, you can always come back and have another go later!

Not bad at all - you've seen the show a few times for sure! Well done! But can you bring your score up? Why not have another go and see!

Very good! You're clearly a bit of a fan of Great British Menu, and you've got the score yo prove it! Well done! Maybe next time you can get a perfect score - why not come back later and see?

A perfect score - well done! You know all about Great British Menu! Odds are, you're an aspiring chef yourself - maybe one day, you'll be the champion!