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Cake Anagram Quiz

Can you untangle these tricky word puzzles and find out what kind of cakes we're talking about? Find out with this super-sweet food quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 15th 2024

Love cakes? Working out tricky word games? Yes? Then WOW have we got a quiz for you! Just take a peek at these 10 jumbled up words and see if you can work out which cake we're hinting at! It's harder than it looks!

So get dreaming of cakes, and rearranging these letters! Good luck!


So, what cake are we talking about here?


And what could this cake be?


Next up... what do you reckon?


Let's rearrange this cake!


Ooh this sounds like an exciting one!


Hmm. That doesn't sound like any kind of cake we've heard of! Or does it?


Next up! It's... what?


This is a classic cake. But what is it?


This is a very popular cake in Asia. It's a... what?


It's an American classic, it's...

Bah! More of a savoury person? Never mind - looks like you need to brush up on your cake identifying skills. Or maybe your spelling! Either way, come back again sometime and see if you can score a bit higher on this quiz! Better luck next time!

Pretty good! You know loads about cakes! You can also spell them - so well done! You did miss out on a few right answers though so this isn't a high score. But never mind! Fancy having another go and seeing if you can nail 10/10? Let's have a go!

Amazing! You know loads about cakes! This is a really impressive score - not only are you a cake expert, but you're really good at spelling too! Well done! You very almost got 100% on this quiz, fancy seeing if you can beat this score on a different food quiz? We have lots more!

Amazing! 10/10! This is the perfect high score! Well done - you're clearly a cake expert! You can't beat this result, but you might be able to match it on a different food quiz! Luckily, we have lots more for you try next!