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Travel Around The World In 20 Cheeses With Our Food Trivia

Are your food skills gouda enough? Test your knowledge of the world's gratest cheeses with this un-brie-lievable cheese quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 14th 2024

Everyone loves cheese, right? Well - with hundreds of different types of cheese from every continent on Earth it would certainly seem so! Humans have eaten cheese since the first time one of our ancestors left milk out for too long. Which was a REALLY long time ago! So test yourself and see how much you know about the tangy, gloopy, stringy, STINKY cheeses of the world!

So strap yourself in - where we're going we don't need cheddar!


OK! Let's start this global cheese journey with an easy one. Where does Mozzarella come from?


Where does cheddar ACTUALLY come from?


Where does feta come from?

4/20 Some holey cheese

This type of cheese is from Holland. Do you know what it's called?


This is paneer - a delicious cheese that can be fried, grilled or even put in curries. Where does it come from?


This type of cheese has LITERAL BLUE MOLD in it. What's it called and where is it from?


German Limberger cheese is famous for being... what?


Brie isn't not from France. True or false?


Where is queso fresco from?


Where does Provolone come from?


What country invented spray cheese?


There are no types of cheese from East Asia. True or false?

Wikimedia Commons

This is Rubing, a cheese from China. What kind of milk is it made with?


This is Redykołka. Where is it from?


Where does cottage cheese come from?


Where is Gruyere from?


Where's Roquefort from?


This type of cheese is called Mato and it's eaten with honey. But where?


Any guesses where "Cahill's Ardagh" cheese might be from?


"Casu Marzu" is a type of traditional cheese that has LIVE maggots in it. It's actually banned in Europe! But where does it come from?

Noooooo! This is a real stinker of a score! Very unfortunate. Cheese papa here is pretty disappointed - you'd better eat A LOT more cheese and come back again next time to see if you can beat this score! Never mind though - we have lots of other tasty food quizzes for you to nibble on!

Ooooh! Tangy! Firm! Savoury! It's not cheese - it's your score on this quiz! Mmmmhmmm! Now this is one pretty good score! It's not the best, but definitely not the worst either. Fancy having another go and seeing if you can score a little higher?

Whey! (Geddit?) This score is amazing! You really nailed this cheese quiz - you're some kind of cheese expert! Great work, hardly anything managfed to sneak past your cheese knowledge. Well done! Now, can you beat this score on a different food quiz? We hve lots more to try!

Wahoo! This score is sensational! You are the cheese God! Amazing! You know soooo much about cheese! This quiz was a really tricky one, so well done! There's no improving on this score, but if you want to flex your food trivia skills on another quiz we have plenty more! Woweee!