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The Ultimate Halal Quiz!

It's time to see how much you know about halal and its rules! Answer some questions and see how well you do!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 18th 2023

Halal is an Arabic word that refers to food in the religion of Islam. It's a special system of rules about how to eat food in a way that honours the Muslim faith, and its very important to Muslims. But how much do you know about halal and its rules? It's time to find out with this trivia quiz! And now you've mastered this, why not try out this Ultimate Eid quiz! Or how about this Ultimate Ramadan Quiz? We've also got these tasty food facts if you're looking for more! And we've got hundreds more quizzes on all sorts of things right here!

1/10 A selection of tomatoes

What does the word 'halal' mean?

2/10 Piles of spices with eyes

Which religion is halal associated with?

3/10 Beano veg on veg background

True of false: vegetarian food is halal?

4/10 Derpy goat on patterned background

What is the opposite of halal?

5/10 Pig and splats

Which of these is NOT a halal food?

6/10 Food dishes and question marks

How does a meat become halal?

7/10 Woman doing her makeup and splats

Which of these non food items can also be halal?

8/10 Derpy panda and vitamin pills

Which of these are allowed in halal?

9/10 Delicious food and a heart eyes emoji

Where can you find halal food?

10/10 Some old books and a rubber chicken

Where can you find the rules of halal?

Uh oh result

Uh oh, looks like you need to hit the books! You didn't get any questions about halal right - but we hope you learned some new stuff! How about giving it another go and see if you can get any answers right?

Try again result

You know a little bit about halal, but not enough to ace this quiz! Try again and see if you can get 100%!

Well done result

Nice job! You know LOADS about halal and how it works! Can you get 100% next time? We bet you can!

Highest result

Incredible, you've nailed this quiz! You know all about halal and are basically an expert, congrats!