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Can You Ace This Delicious Christmas Food and Drink Quiz?

It's the most delicious time of the year! See if you know everything about delicious Christmassy treats - will you clear your plate?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 20th 2023

What's the best part of Christmas? Sure, presents are nice, and decorating the tree is fun, and it's always good to spend time with people you love! But let's be real - it's the best time of the year to tuck into some absolutely DELICIOUS food! No matter what your preferences are, or what you can and can't eat, there are so many iconic Christmas dishes you're spoiled for choice! See if you can get a perfect 10 in this super-yummy trivia quiz - your mouth will be watering by the end! And if you just can't get enough of festive food, we've got more treats in store! Try this Christmas food picture quiz, or some Christmas food true or false questions!

1/10 A badger eating some Christmas treats

What's the traditional British main dish at Christmas dinner?

2/10 A turkey looking at another turkey

Which country made turkey dinners popular?

3/10 A delicious broth

What dish is traditionally served at a Japanese Christmas dinner?

4/10 Red velvet cake

What kind of cake is the traditional Christmas cake?

5/10 A mince pie and a pork pie

True or false - mince pies contain actual minced meat!

6/10 Bacon surrounded by candy canes

What flavour are candy canes, traditionally?

7/10 A piece of cheese and chess pieces

What is the Victorian Christmas dish "Smoking Bishop"?

8/10 Some oranges and a pineapple

Which fruit will you traditionally find in the toe of your stocking?

9/10 Chestnuts

What will you find roasting on an open fire?

10/10 Stollen and a kangaroo

What country is stollen from?

Result: Oops

Oops - looks like a bit of a turkey! Never mind, you can always come back after Christmas dinner and have another go!

Result: Not bad

Not bad - you like your Christmas food, but then again, who doesn't? Pay attention at Christmas dinner this year, and maybe you can get full marks next time!

Result: Very good

Good work - you know your Christmas food, even some of the weirder facts! Well done!

Result: So yummy

Wow, a PERFECT score! Well done! No one beats you when it comes to knowing EVERYTHING about a delicious Christmas dinner! We're in awe!