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B&B Merry Trivia Quiz - Are You An Xmas Expert?!

It’s one of the festive films of the season - but how well do you know it?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 21st 2023

In Vermont, Christmas is a big deal, but when a fancy blogger visits the sleepy town, everything changes! It’s a tale as old as time, but if you think you know the story like the back of your snow covered hand, then why not power up that brain of yours and give this quiz a try?! You’ve got this!


What time of the year is B&B Merry set?


What was Graham’s old job?


What is Tracey’s job?

Motion Picture Corporation of America | Costa Vassos | Paula Elle

What is Graham’s aunt called?


What family business do Graham and his mum run?


What is a ‘bough of holly’?


What does Tracey spill on Graham when they first meet?


Where does the story take place?


What is the name of the rival hotel?


What colour is Graham’s truck?

Result: Oh no

Oh dear! It looks like you haven’t quite got the festive spirit, but that’s okay! Sometimes Christmas films simply don’t stick in your mind! But look here, if you fancy trying another time around then that’s fine! We all get second chances in life, especially when it comes to quizzes! So let’s go!

Result: Nice job

Alright! You’ve clearly watched the film and taken most of the story line in! Great work! But we think that you’ve got a bit more in you, so why not take a breath in, go to the Christmas market of knowledge in your mind and have another try! You’ve got this!

Result: Great score

Nice! You’ve got this one locked in! There aren’t many people who could score quite as highly as you but you’ve managed it and for a film like this that’s pretty darn impressive! You definitely know Barb and Dan that’s for sure! But if you think you could score higher on this quiz, why not give it another try and see if you can get 100%? Or if you don’t fancy that, there are tonnes of other quizzes just waiting for you to smash!

Result: Full marks

Wow! Simply wow! You know literally everything that there is to know about this film and it shows! You’ve scored full marks, that a solid festive full-pointer, or as we say in the quiz biz - a Christmas Miracle! Great work! You’ve earned that minced pie, now get out there and check out some of our other quizzes! Can you beat them too?