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B&B Merry Character Quiz - Who Are You?

Have you got that festive feeling? Well this quiz is for you then!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 20th 2023

With so many feel good festive films out there, B&B Merry has a special something to it that sets it in a homely little space of its own! So if you’re in the mood for a marshmallow toastingly lovely time - why not check out this quiz and see which of the characters from the film you’ve got most in common with?!

1/10 A plate of Christmas pudding

What is your favourite festive snack?

2/10 Father Christmas

If you were Father Christmas, how would you enter a house?

3/10 A woman by a fire in a cosy festive room

It’s Christmas Eve, how are you spending it?

4/10 A pig looking under a Christmas tree

A pig has come in overnight and hidden all the presents, where do you look first?

5/10 A sloth next to a washing machine full of Christmas presents

You eventually find the presents in the washing machine, but they’re all wet - how do you dry them?

6/10 An ape opening a bottle of water

One of the gifts was a new games console, it’s broken because it got wet, how does that make you feel?

7/10 A sloth by a Christmas tree

After having a lovely Christmas day - how do you spend the evening?

8/10 A pig in a Christmas hat

Boxing Day comes around and the pig from earlier has replaced all of the presents, and apologised, do you accept the pigs apology?

9/10 A cat and a Christmas jumper

The festive period is over, how long do you leave the decorations up for?

10/10 A tiger and a selection of iced cookies

How do you decorate your cookies?

Result: Graham
Motion Picture Corporation of America | Costa Vassos | Paula Elle


Nice! You’ve got the most in common with Graham! You’re the classic ‘good guy’ of the American dream! Just like Graham, you look after the people that are close to you and take care of the things that really matter. When the moment comes, even if it’s sometimes hard, you’ll always make the right choice!

Result: Tracey
Motion Picture Corporation of America | Costa Vassos | Paula Elle


Awesome! You’ve got most in common with Tracey! Now Tracey is a jetsetter, she’s been around the world and seen a lot of cool things, but deep down she’s a calm soul - just like you! She knows that when the festive period comes around, the most important thing is being snuggled up, warm by a fire with good down to earth honest folk!

Result: Dan
Motion Picture Corporation of America | Costa Vassos | Paula Elle


Alright! Nice one! You’ve got the most in common with Dan! Now he might not be the biggest character in the film, but he’s always got his friend Graham’s back. Sometimes, and especially around Christmas, being there for your friends is what is really important - and that is a little bit like how you are! So remember to check in with your besties, and make sure they’re having fun!

Result: Barb
Motion Picture Corporation of America | Costa Vassos | Paula Elle


You’re Barbara, Graham’s Aunt! What a result! Sure you might not want to decorate cookies for ever and ever, but just like Barb, you’re the life and soul of the family! You like to have fun and enjoy yourself and there’s nothing wrong with that! So get out there, and sure, maybe decorate some cookies!