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How Well Do You Know the Wet Bandits Quiz?

These two are some of the biggest bunglers in all film history, but how well do you know them?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 20th 2023

Sometimes things go wrong for no reason, other times it’s because the people involved are simply the worst people for the job! The Wet Bandits are just those kind of people, but if you think that you know everything about them, then maybe it’s time that you put your skills to the test and give this quiz a spin!?

1/10 A film maker

What film are the Wet Bandits from?

2/10 A man in a Santa hat

Why have they got that name?

3/10 One of the Wet Bandits
20th Century Fox | John Hughes | Christopher Columbus

Who is this?

4/10 A monkey on a laptop

They later changed their name to something else - what was it?

5/10 A toaster

What does Marv get burnt by?

6/10 An orangutan baker

What is their job?

7/10 A small dog sitting on the back of a bigger dog

Which of the Wet Bandits is smaller?

8/10 A cat doctor

What did Harry pretend to be in the film?

9/10 A cat and a spilled cup of tea

What does Harry get burnt with?

10/10 Two owls walking through a neighbourhood

What happened to the Wet Bandits at the end of the film?

Result: Oh dear
20th Century Fox | John Hughes | Christopher Columbus

Oh dear! Have you even watched the films? Or maybe you fell asleep during it? Who knows, but what we do know, is that you haven’t scored very well on this quiz at all! Maybe it’s time to try another quiz? Or, you can always try again, after all, practice makes perfect, right?!

Result: Not bad
20th Century Fox | John Hughes | Christopher Columbus

Alright! Now we’re really talking! You’ve knocked the first few questions down like an experienced quizzer! But there is still room to improve, you know your stuff, but maybe you’re not quite an expert. If you think that you've got it in you, why not have another go and see for yourself?!

Result: Amazing
20th Century Fox | John Hughes | Christopher Columbus

Pow! There it is! There aren’t any bandits sneaking into the caverns of your quiz brain! No way! You’re switched on and you know exactly how to beat quizzes like these! Christmas is saved! Oh, well almost, the bandits did manage to get away with a few presents, and you didn’t quite score 100% so why not have another try and see if you can get full marks?!

Result: Full Marks
20th Century Fox | John Hughes | Christopher Columbus

Amazing! You’ve scored full marks here! Well done! There’s simply nothing you don’t know about the Wet Bandits! What an absolute result! Your knowledge of this Christmas classic has saved the holiday season from certain doom! Phew! That’s a relief! But now you’ve smashed this quiz, why not head out and see if there are any others that you think you can beat too?