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The Christmas Food Picture Quiz for Kids 2022!

We can probably tell what's for dinner by smelling what's drifting out of the kitchen. But what if we showed you pictures of tasty festive grub?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 1st 2022

Yummy! Can you smell the sage and onion? Christmas Dinner is our favourite meal of the year. It’s got every food group covered, even the all-important sausages wrapped in bacon food group. So, before you gobble up your portion of turkey and munch through approximately 100 roast potatoes, have a go at our awesome Christmas Food Picture Quiz You’ll Fowl For!

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1/24 A close up of Christmas dinner

We've zoomed in on these festive icons. What are they?

2/24 A close up of a Christmas treat

Another extreme close up! What's this?

3/24 A bunch of turnips

What are these?

4/24 Christmas German cake

What's this festive German bread called?

5/24 A festive nut in its shell

What's this nut you might find in a bowl in Christmas?

6/24 A person tucking into a bucket of fried chicken

What is traditionally eaten in Japan at Christmas?

7/24 A disguised vegetable

What’s this mysterious vegetable?

8/24 A jug of Christmas sauce

What's in this jug?

9/24 Spanish cookies

What are these Spanish treats called?


This a popular part of Christmas dinner. Can you tell what this is, even though we’ve zoomed in too closely?

11/24 Roast meet

In Denmark, you might be offered 'flæskesteg' at Christmas. What is it?

12/24 A dish of Salpicão

In Brazil, you might tuck into a traditional Christmas salad. What is this called?

13/24 A jug of hot gravy

What's this?

14/24 Christmas condiment

Name this hot condiment!

15/24 A nut

In Denmark, a lucky person find this in their ice pudding – but what is it?


What’s this green stuff?


What’s this orange stuff some absolute legend has glazed in honey?

18/24 A big bird

This bird is usually cooked at Christmas. What is it?

19/24 Christmas pudding and a snowman

What do some crazy people do to this Christmas Pudding before eating it?


Who are these chaps?

21/24 A group of turkeys

What do you traditionally stuff in a Turkey?


Complete the sentence: Pigs in Blankets are…


23/24 What fruit do you traditionally find at the bottom of a stocking?


What roasted goodies grow in these arboreal prickle bags?

Awful! No dinner for you until you learn some Christmas Dinner Basics

Not bad. You can have pudding!

Awesome score. You can have three courses and are also allowed to snack on chocolate throughout the day as well!