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The Ultimate Cooking Quiz!

Food is obviously excellent, but how much do you know about it and how to prepare it? Test your trivia now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  May 4th 2023

Hey food fan, yes you! Are you a multi-talented masterchef? Or do you struggle to boil an egg? However good you are at cooking, you need to know the facts! And what better way to test yourself than with our epic cookery quiz? Everyone needs to eat, and unless you want to just eat raw leaves and dust for your whole life, at some point you'll need to know how to cook! So scroll on and see if you know your eggplants from your aubergines, or your saute from your scramble! It's harder than you think!

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But anyway... what's that smell? Oh yes... this delicious cookery quiz!

1/31 A pizza with a bad attitude

Let's start off easy! How do you cook a pizza?


How long should you cook an egg if you want it to be cooked, but still a bit runny inside?


Which of these dishes is more likely to be vegan?


Risotto should be... what?


If you're making dinner for a pescatarian, what should you NOT add as an ingredient?


What is tofu made from?

7/31 Double yolk egg

Which of these is NOT a real way to cook an egg?


Sauerkraut and kimchi are examples of what kind of food?


Why do people often add sugar to things with rhubarb in?

10/31 Baked beans

Which type of beans are used to make baked beans?


What do you usually do in a wok?


Do pressure cookers cook things fast or slow?


What's this thing?


How long do you cook extra rare steaks for?


What colour is Hollandaise sauce?


What is coriander called in the USA?


What is black pudding made out of?


What kind of pan is this?

@peacocktv | giphy

What happens when you slowly heat up sugar?

20/31 A fruit bowl

What are raisins?


Which of these is another word for fried egg?

22/31 A dish from Jamaica

Which of the following is a popular dish in Jamaica?

23/31 A confused cook

What is a gyoza?

24/31 A hot dog

In which country was the hot dog invented?

25/31 Yorkshire pudding

Which of the following is NOT an ingredient of Yorkshire pudding?

26/31 Eccles cake

Which English county do Eccles cakes come from?

27/31 Edam cheese

Which country does Edam cheese come from?

28/31 Hollandaise sauce

What are the two main ingredients in a Hollandaise sauce?

29/31 A chef requesting help in the kitchen

What does blanch mean?

30/31 A woman holding a frying pan

What does sautΓ© mean?

31/31 A chef and a bowl of soup

How shouldΒ Gazpacho soup be served?

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Great work! That's a tasty score!


Wow! You're kitchen wizard when it comes to cooking trivia!