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10 Question Food Anagram Quiz!

Hungry for word games? Course you are! Click here to take a bite of these tricky food angrams!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 17th 2022

An anagram is a word made of another word that's been all jumbled up. Can you work out what food we're talking about from these clues?

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Let's start off easy! What foodstuff could this be?


This is more appetising when it's not jumbled up. Honest.


This one's a bit harder. What do you reckon?


This one isn't a small weasel-like creature, it's.... what?


What could this be?


Goes well with mash, it's... what?


This is already a food - but not the right one! What could it be?


Any ideas?


But what could it be???


Extra tricky herby one to finish!

Oh noooo! This is awkward. Never mind - try another quiz?

Coud be worse... but could be better! See if you can beat this score on another quiz!

Nicely done! You certainly know our food! Can you top this score on another foody quiz?

Amazing! Bacon dad is very impressed! You're clearly an anagram expert!