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Every Beano Annual EVER! Part 3 – 1960-1969. What’s YOUR birthday Beano Annual?

To celebrate Beano's 80th birthday, we dug out every Beano Annual from our archive. In Part 3 of the series, you can see some psychedelic cover art, as well as the first appearances of Walter and Gnasher!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021


Here's the cover of the Beano Annual for 1960, featuring a puzzled Biffo the Bear!

The Beano Book for 1960


The Beano Annual for 1961 is a technicolour, psychedelic affair with some bold, shimmering lettering. Groovy!

Beano Annual 1961


Jonah, the face that sank a thousand ships makes his first appearance on the Beano Annual cover for 1962. Jonah was a jinxed sailor who seemed to put a hole in every hull he encountered!

Beano Annual 1962


A beautifully clean piece of 60s design makes the Beano Annual for 1963 one of the best ever (or so we like to think!)

Beano Annual 1963


Biffo becomes the greatest showman in the circus-themed cover design of the Beano Annual for 1964. Around this time, Dennis' arch-enemy Walter makes his first appearance.

Beano Annual 1964


Minnie the Minx and Little Plum are the cover stars of the Beano Annual for 1965, with Billy Whizz's first annual appearance inside.

Beano Annual 1965


Biffo the Bear drums up some enthusiasm on the cover of the Beano Annual for 1966

Beano Annual 1966


The Beano Annual for 1967 had a mellow yellow cover, and General Jumbo appears to be flying his copy in by drone!

Beano Annual 1967


Here's the Beano Annual for 1968... wonder if Lewis Hamilton would ever wear a crash helmet like that?

Beano Annual 1968


What's that Star Wars-esque vehicle on the cover of the Beano Annual for 1969? It's The Iron Fish! Curious readers would have been treated to Gnasher's first appearance in the annuals.

Beano Annual 1969

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