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Every Beano Annual EVER! Part 2 – 1950-1959. What’s YOUR birthday Beano Annual?

To celebrate Beano's 80th birthday, we dug out every Beano Annual from our amazing archive. In Part 2 of this series, you can see the last Magic-Beano Book cover AND the first time Dennis the Menace appeared!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021


The Beano Annual for 1950 was the last in a series of the Magic-Beano Books, as the two comics had joined together due to paper rationing for the wartime annuals.   

The Magic-Beano Book for 1950


This was the year when Dennis the Menace was launched in the weekly Beano comic, but it would be a while until he appeared on the cover of a Beano Annual. In the meantime, Biffo the Bear was still top dog - long before Gnasher showed up!

Beano Annual 1951


By now, the weekly Beano was tearing up the rule book with Dennis the Menace in full effect and Minnie the Minx about to join him.  The Beano Annual for 1952 was a much more conservative affair...

Beano Annual 1952


Queen Elizabeth II came to throne in 1953, but can you spot the king of comics making his first appearance on the cover of the Beano Annual? CLUE: He's got his favourite weapon in his hand...

Beano Annual 1953


Here's the cover of the Beano Annual for 1955...

Beano Annual 1954


The Beano Annual for 1955 looked like this, so if you turn 63 in 2018, then this is your birthday Beano annual!

Beano Annual 1955


Minnie the Minx and Roger the Dodger make their first cover appearances on the Beano Annual for 1956. But... while Dennis the Menace appears in his iconic red and black stripes, Minnie's stripes are blue and yellow, and  Roger's checked shirt is red and yellow!The reason is that in the 1950s most Beano pages were printed using just one colour - black. It was only later that red and black would be chosen for these super-cool jumpers!

Beano Annual 1956


The Beano Annual for 1957 has a footy theme to the cover, and we'll be lucky so see a more spectacular goal in the World Cup - let's see if Neymar. Messi, Ronaldo, Mohamed Salah or Harry Kane can do it!

Beano Annual 1957


Here's the Beano Annual for 1958, with classic characters like Dennis, Minnie, Roger, and the Bash Street Kids just beginning to takeover the pages.

Beano Annual 1958


The end of the 50s sees the Beano stars acting the goat, just like at the start of the decade...

Beano Annual 1959

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