Every Beano Annual EVER! Part 5 - 1980-1989. What's YOUR birthday Beano Annual?

To celebrate Beano's 80th birthday, we dug out every Beano Annual from our archive. In Part 5, we reach the excellent era of the eighties!


The Beano Annual for 1980 sees Dennis giving Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar Jr a run for their money as he crashes through the opposition defence!

Beano Book 1980 Annual


Gnasher goes Through The Barricades to catch his feline arch-enemies unawares in the Beano Annual for 1980. Gnasher's love of chasing cats was a constant theme throughout the 80s.  

Beano Annual 1981


It's not a Little Red Corvette but a dodgems fairground frenzy for Dennis and Gnasher on the cover of the Beano Annual for 1982.  

Beano Annual 1982


SATS pressure doesn't seem to be affecting Bash Street School's pupils on the cover of the Beano Annual for 1983.  

Beano Annual 1983


The Beano Annual for 1984 paints a brighter vision of the future than George Orwell did!

Beano Annual 1984


The London Marathon was only four years old in 1985, and still growing in popularity. It's a safe bet that the Beanotown Marathon, as seen on the cover of the Beano Annual for 1985, was a whole lot more fun than running more than 26 miles!

Beano Annual 1985


BMX bikes were all the rage in 1986, and Dennis looks like he'd give Chris Froome a run for his money to become King of the Mountains on the cover of the Beano Annual for 1986. 

Beano Annual 1986


The Beano Annual for 1987 sees the gang head up, up and away as they tried to emulate Richard Branson's amazing trans-Atlantic balloon flight on the Virgin Atlantic Flyer. 

Beano Annual 1987


Dennis and Minnie take equal billing on the cover of the Beano Annual for 1988 - the year that Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan hit the UK charts. Coincidence?

Beano Annual 1988


Dennis makes like Rembrandt on the cover of the Beano Annual for 1989, and adds the finishing touches to his masterpiece, The Gnashing Cavalier. This annual was the first to feature full-colour pages!

Beano Annual 1989

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