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Everything You Want To Know About Ant-Man And the Wasp!

Ant-Man's getting another movie - and he's bringing the Wasp along for the ride!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  February 2nd 2018

Ant-Man And the Wasp comes out this summer!

The sequel to Ant-Man comes out on 6 July in the UK! It follows Ant-Man and his new partner The Wasp teaming up to fight a new villain, and takes place after Ant-Man joined the HUGE superhero fight in Captain America: Civil War last year. It looks like he might be under arrest when the film starts (maybe they've made handcuffs than can change size too?)...

It's set between Civil War and Infinity War!

The film takes place after the Avengers have split up at the end of Civil War, but before the big invasion of Earth that's set to take place in Avengers: Infinity War, which is also out this year. That's handy because it means that, while Scott and his team are on the run, they won't also have to deal with Thanos and the rest of his Black Order! Although since Ant-Man is also in Infinity War, it means he'll get caught up in the scrap somewhere down the line...

She's not the first Wasp!

In this movie, the Wasp's real name is Hope van Dyne. She's Hank Pym's daughter, suiting up as a superhero for the very first time. But she's not the first person to use the code name 'The Wasp'! Hank's old partner Janet van Dyne was the first Wasp, and she was also Hope's mum! Not everyone wants to do the same job as their mum or dad - but if they were a superhero then you probably would!

Marvel Entertainment | YouTube

And he's not the first Ant-Man!

Scott Lang, who's played by funny man Paul Rudd, isn't the first Ant-Man! As we found out in the first movie, he's actually the second superhero to use the code name 'Ant-Man'. The first, Hank Pym, was the inventor of the Pym Particles that let the suit shrink, but gave up the name and the suit after his partner, the first Wasp, was lost on a mission years and years ago!...or was she?

The original Wasp is still alive!

In the first Ant-Man movie, Hank Pym says that Janet got lost in the 'Quantum Realm' during a mission to stop a missile. She shrunk too far and got lost in a weird alternate dimension - but she's coming back in this movie!In the comics, this Wasp was a model and fashion designer, and was even a founding member of the Avengers!AND it turns out that she might have been glimpsed very briefly in the first movie, as a super special surprise for ultra fans! In a scene where Ant-Man shrinks too far and nearly gets lost in the Quantum Realm, you can see a shadowy figure in the clouds that looks a lot like someone in The Wasp costume! Can you spot them in this picture?

And the new Ant-Man team might go to find her!

We don't know much about the plot of Ant-Man And The Wasp yet. Marvel likes to keep its films' stories secret so fans can have a really fun time in the cinema. But based on this scene in the first trailer, it looks like Hank has built a ship that can explore the quantum realm, probably to go look for the first Wasp!

The villain is from the Iron Man comics!

The film's bad guy is called the Ghost. We don't know much about what she wants, but if she's anything like her inspiration from the comics, she'll have the ability to turn invisible and intangible (meaning that nobody can touch her) and fire electric bolts.But the film version of the Ghost is already very different from the comics, where the Ghost's first appearance was as a bad guy in Iron Man, and he was a man! There's also a second villain promised to be in the movie that we barely know anything about...

In the comics, Scott's daughter is ALSO a superhero!

In this film, Scott's daughter Cassie is still too young to be a superhero. But in the comics, she's been a superhero for YEARS under the names Stature, Stinger, Ant-Girl and Giant-Girl. She's fought bad guys like Doctor Doom, HYDRA and Crossfire.Maybe in a few years, we'll get an Ant-Girl movie!

There'll be loads and loads of size-changing action!

Shrinking things is so last year. As we saw in Captain America: Civil War, Scott can also grow to enormous size when he feels like it, whether that's during a fight or maybe just to get a better view at a concert! In the trailer, we see him come out of the water under a boat - and he's enormous!But there'll also be loads of shrinking going on as well. In the trailer, Hank Pym shrinks an entire building to reveal that it's got a suitcase handle for easy transportation. Since it looks like the team is going on the run, being able to shrink your headquarters like that will definitely be useful - especially because it seems like the bad guys want to get their hands on it...And Hope finds a way to make a van dangerous! GO ANT-VAN!

Marvel Entertainment | YouTube

But those won't be the only powers we see!

As the Wasp, Hope will be able to fly using her suit, as well as being a much better fighter than Scott is! She ALSO has blasters attached to her suit, which Scott seems to be a bit jealous of!But we also get to see Ant-Man controlling ants using his helmet again, and the Ghost has some powers that seem about as scary as her name suggests.

The cast is full of huge stars!

Like every Marvel movie, the cast is full of some of the biggest names in films. Everyone already knows Paul Rudd is going to be amazing as Scott Lang, but who else is in Team Ant-Man?Hope van Dyne is played by Evangeline Lilly, who you might have seen in The Hobbit movies, where she played an elf! She was super good at fighting in that one, too...Hank Pym is played by Michael Douglas (ask your parents), who's 73 years old! In the first Ant-Man, they digitally de-aged him to make him look younger for all the flashback scenes! Movie magic.The first Wasp, Janet van Dyne, is played by Michelle Pfieffer, who played Catwoman years ago in Batman Returns! Guess she loves playing superheroes!

Most importantly of all - Luis is back!

Scott's friend Luis was one of the funniest parts of the first movie, and was responsible for Captain America being able to get Scott on his side in Civil War! So we're really happy he's back for this movie - though it looks like he'll be in just as much trouble as before this time around....

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