FaceApp: Making Celebrities Look Funny!

Ever wondered what Bear Grylls would look like as a woman? Us neither!

FaceApp is a great new app that shows you what people would look like if they were older, or younger, or if boys were girls and vice versa!

Clockwise, here's Bear Grylls as he normally looks, as a lady, as a younger man and an old one!

Bear Grylls put through FaceApp
Image by Wikimedia Commons | Jamie Gray

It's really clever - we've got no idea how it works!

Here, clockwise, is Katy Perry, Katy Perry as a boy, Katy Perry looking young and Katy Perry looking old!

Katy Perry put through FaceApp
Image by Wikimedia Commons | Laim Mendes

It's not magic or anything, it's just doing things like adding/removing wrinkles, but it's kind of spooky!

Here, clockwise, is The Rock, The Rock as a lady, The Rock as a kid and The Rock as an old (but still huge and awesome) man!

The Rock put through FaceApp
Image by Wikimedia Commons | David Shankbone

We feel like time travellers! Magic ones!

Here's Stormzy, then Stormzy as a lady, Stormzy as a young pup and Ol' Stormzy!

Stormzy, put through FaceApp
Image by #MERKY

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