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20 Zany Zendaya Jokes!

These Zendaya jokes are totally fashion forward - they're Marvel-ous, and will leave you in total Euphoria! Well, what are you Dune - get reading!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  January 19th 2024

It seems like Zendaya is everyone's favourite celeb! She can act, she can model, she can sing, she always stuns at the Met Gala - and now she's going to make you laugh! Have a giggle with these zany jokes - you're going to love them! Check out some of our other jokes, too - have a laugh with Olivia Rodrigo, Itzy, and Miley Cyrus!

They’re making a sequel to Zendaya’s 2014 film about a magic app, this time she’s stuck inside the app…

It’s called “Trapped!”

What is Zendaya’s favourite sauce?

Tom Hollandaise!

Why is Zendaya so cool?

She has a lot of fans!

Tom Holland is so devoted to his Spiderman character that Zendaya gets frustrated…

Some days she just can’t get him out of the bath!

What’s Zendaya’s favourite season?

Awards season!

Why does Zendaya love to wear oversized clothes?

She XLs in fashion!

Why did Zendaya get frustrated trying to sort out her wardrobe?

She has hanger management issues!

Where did Zendaya and Tom Holland first meet?

On the web!

What Christmas-themed competition did Zendaya win?

She built the Greatest Snowman!

Why did Zendaya take cooking classes?

She wanted to spice up her performances!

Why did Zendaya bring a ladder to the Oscars?

She wanted to reach for the stars!

Why did Zendaya not want to date Spider man?

He was too clingy!

Zendaya broke her leg, but don’t worry…

She has a great supporting cast!

Why does Zendaya always carry a pencil behind her ear?

She wants a lead role!

What’s Tom Holland’s favourite sci-fi film?

“Ready Zendaya One!”

What should you say to Zendaya on her birthday?

“Happy birthday-a!”

What do you call Zendaya when she’s sleepy?


Who is Zendaya’s favourite character in the Barbie movie?


What would Zendaya’s name be if she hunted vampires?


What would Zendaya’s name be if she was a tailor?