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Who's the smallest celebrity in the jungle?


What do fashionable apes wear in the jungle?

Dolce and Banana!

Why can't the celebrities take their kids to the jungle with them?

There's no jungle gym!

What is the difference between a freshly made pizza and a hungry jungle tiger?

One tastes delicious to you and you taste delicious to one!

Ian Wright noticed a monkey holding a can opener and said, "You can't open a banana with a can opener".

The monkey replied "I know, this is for the custard!"

What did Roman Kemp change his name to before entering the jungle?

Roman Camp!

How does Nadine Coyle make toast in the jungle?

She puts it under the gorilla!

Why did Myles Stephenson ask a crocodile to pack his case for going into the jungle?

Because he's a snappy dresser!

Why couldn't Kate Garraway find any headache tablets in the jungle?

Because the parrots-ate-em-all!

If a celebrity is crowned King or Queen of the jungle...

Shouldn't they call it a reign-forest?!

Why did Adele Roberts not want to do maths in the jungle?

Because if you add 4 + 4, you get ate!

Why did Caitlyn Jenner take a compass into the jungle with her?

So she could draw perfect circles with a pencil!

Why did the celebrities want to film in the amazon this year?

To get amazon prime!

Why don't they play card games in the jungle?

There's too many cheetahs!

What did Roman Kemp say when he was asked to go into the jungle?

I'll puma pants!

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