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Only Football Trivia Legends Will Get 100% in this True or False Quiz!

How knowledgeable are you about the beautiful game? Let's see what you're made of!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 14th 2024

Are you a know-all when it comes to football trivia? Do you find yourself getting perfect scores in all the Beano football quizzes? Then you should see how well you do on this true or false quiz. Only true football fans will get a perfect score!

1/10 The Tottenham Hotspur badge with a generic football stadium in the background

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is the biggest ground in the Premier League. True or false?

2/10 Lionel Messi in his Inter Miami shirt

Lionel Messi is Brazil's highest goalscorer. True or false?

3/10 A football fan with a Brazil shirt

Brazil have won the World Cup five times. True or false?

4/10 Erling Haaland in a Manchester City kit

Manchester City were the winners of the first ever Premier League season in 1992-93. True or false?

5/10 A magpie chanting Alan Shearer's name

Alan Shearer has scored more goals than any other player in the Premier League. True or false?

6/10 USA shaped map and a football, with a sea background

USA won the Women's World Cup in 2023 for a record-breaking fifth time. True or false?

7/10 A cheetah on a running track

Kylian Mbappé is faster than Usain Bolt. True or false?

8/10 A referee

VAR was first introduced into the Premier League in 2017. True or false?

9/10 A goalkeeper diving for the ball

A goal post measures 8 feet high. True or false?

10/10 Marcus Rashford facts

Despite being a Manchester United star, Marcus Rashford was actually born in Liverpool. True or false?

Result: Oh no

Oh no! You've kicked the ball over the stand into a river. Why not try again and have a good think about the answers next time. You've got this!

Result: Good try

Good try! You clearly know a fair bit about the beautiful game and this score was OK! Not the result you were expecting? Why not have another go?

Result: Great work

Great work! You really know your stuff when it comes to footie trivia. What? Not the result you were expecting? Why not have another go! You might get a perfect score!

Result: Wow

Wow! You should be a pundit on live matches with this knowledge of the game. You're a football know-all in the best possible way. Player of the match stuff, this!