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20 Best Fraction Jokes, Puns and Riddles

Only a fraction of people will know these hilarious jokes and puns about fractions!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  October 10th 2022

We don’t really like making jokes about fractions to be honest, but we’ll definitely make one if we half two! If that joke divided the audience, the rest of these fraction gags will make you fractionally more amused, we hope! They come from a long line of fun Maths stuff so check out 20 Algebra Jokes Calculated To Make You Laugh! once you’ve worked your way through thoses you can always Take our Epic Six Times Tables Quiz or browse these 25 Number Jokes For The Mathematically Minded!

Maths is really difficult...

Apparently 5 out of 3 people have trouble with fractions!

My maths tutor wasn't very good at teaching percentages, so I found a new one

He's fractionally better!

I had a big argument with my friend about fractions

Our opinions were divided

I don't understand why people use fractions instead of decimals

It's pointless!

What happens if you do maths with a rainbow?

You do refractions!

There is a fine line between the denominator and the numerator

Only a fraction of people will find this funny!

There's a number you can call if you're finding top heavy fractions hard

It's open 24/7!

I'm really scared of fractions

I know its an irrational fear!

I can't agree about fractions with my family

In our house, it's really causing division!

I always try and explain fractions to people at parties...

It really divides the room!

I'm suspicious of my friend's fraction work...

It just doesn't add up

I hate arguments about fractions

They're so divisive

Why do mixed fractions have such bad manners?

They're really improper!

What did the evil fraction say?

You will never stop my plans for world denomination!

Who invented fractions?

Louis the 1/16th!

Why did the fraction get revenge on the improper fraction?

To get even!

Maths jokes...

Only a fraction of people will find them funny!

Which king loved fractions?

Henry the 1/8th!

Why did 1/5 go for a massage?

Because it was two tenths!

Why did 1/5 go camping?

It was two tents!

How do you feel about fractions?

I’m partial to them!

I thought fractions were easier than decimals...

I think I was missing the point!

Why did the fraction cross the road?

To meet his other half!

7/4 of all people… 

Admit that they’re bad with fractions!

I tried to fight a fraction once…

It wasn’t a rational decision!

Why did the one fifth go for a massage?

Because he was two tenths!

I don’t usually make jokes about fractions...

But I will make one if I halve two!

I can only ask for things in fractions…

It's really causing some division!

I speak in simplified fractions…

Half of what I say makes sense!

There's a fine line between a numerator and a denominator.

Only a fraction of people will find this funny!

I’ve realised my friends stopped coming around because of my obsession with simplifying fractions…

Hindsight is 1!

My fraction teacher mumbles…

Either that or I third incorrectly!

What did the fraction do when his mum tripped over?

He quarter! 

What’s a fractions favourite film?

Star Wars Episode 3. Revenge of the Sixth!

Top Star Wars Villains

Why use fractions instead of decimals?

It's pointless!

Where do fractions camp?


Who’s the King of fractions?

Henry the Eighth!

What part of the equation doesn’t know how to use cutlery?

It’s the common denominator!

What did God say to the fraction when he wanted to divide something by four?

Go fourth and multiply!

With only a fraction of my wealth I could buy Man City!

That fraction would have to be 1000000000/2!