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20 Funny Hamster Jokes & Puns for Kids

Here's some jokes that'll make you absolutely squeak with laughter!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  November 18th 2022

We're fans of all animals at the Beano, but there's something about hamsters that make us laugh. They're like mice with a thing for adventure, whether it's climbing around their cage, rolling around in a ball or running under the sofa. Here's a bunch of jokes we think will make you squeak with laughter!

What is small, furry and smells like bacon?

A hamster!

What is the difference between a hamster and a mouse?

You can't connect a hamster to a computer!

Did you hear about the hamster who got stuck in a computer?

It ate all the cookies!

Why did the hamster spend three days in their exercise ball?

They were on a roll!

What do you sing to a hamster when they turn one year older?

Hammy birthday to you!

What did the hamster think of their new toy?

It was wheely good!

When does a hamster take a bath?

When it needs to!

Why did the hamster run away from rain?

Because it was raining cats and dogs!

What is white and brown and eats hamster food?

A hamster!

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What do you call an hamster in space?

A hamsteroid!

Why did the hamster bark?

It was learning a new language!

What do you call a hamster that can lift up a car?

Very strong!

What do you call a hamster that isn't a professional?

A hamateur!

How does a hamster hang up their wet clothes?

With a guinea peg!

Why couldn't the hamster drive to the shop?

They only had one wheel!

Why did the hamster buy a soldier helmet?

They found out they were getting a new tank!

Why did the teacher give the hamster detention?

They were being cheeky!

Where do hamsters like to go on holiday?


Why did the hamster ask for a pay rise?

They wanted a bigger celery!

Galahad the hamster from Dennis and Gnasher: Unleashed!

What is a hamster’s favourite game?

Hide and cheek!