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10 Awesome Gacha Club Facts

Learn all about Gacha Club, the casual chibi game for super-cute customisation!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  April 13th 2023

Do you love Gacha Club? It's an awesome casual game that lets you join a club, battle, make fun scenes, and (most importantly) customise your avatar! We've put together some fun facts for you about the game - if you can put it down for a minute!

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1. It's a sequel

Gacha Club is the sequel to Gacha Life, which came out two years earlier! Gacha Club was originally even called Gacha Life 2!

2. It's got cool new features

Gacha Club has some awesome new features that Gacha Life didn't have - mostly, there are loads more customisation options, and a new roleplaying mode!

3. It's totally kid friendly

The game is recommended for players aged ten or above, and it's designed to be fun, cute and relaxing to play!

4. "Gacha" has a meaning!

In the game Gacha are the little chibi characters you can create and customise. The word comes from gachapon (or gashapon), which in Japan are little plastic capsules you can buy from vending machines that have little toys inside. Gachapon is supposed to sound like the cranking sound you make when you turn the handle ("gacha!") and then the sound of the toy falling out of the machine ("pon!")

5. Lots of the cool stuff is free

There's nothing worse than feeling like you have to spend a lot on cool custom items in-game. In Gacha Club you can customise 100 characetrs for free, and all outfits and hairstyles are also free!

6. There are eight character types

All the Gacha Club characters belong to a special group - water, wind, fire, light, dark, corrupted, DJ, and shadow. You can build a team with one of each! Which one is your fave?

7. You can join a club!

There are so many clubs in Gacha Club, and you can pick any one to express yourself! You can be in Club Bubble Tea, Club Cosplay, Club Kawaii, Club Neko. Club Magic... seriously, there are loads!

8. You can create character scenes!

Using up to ten of your characters you can make a little scene in Gacha Club! There are hundreds of backgrounds to choose from, and new to this game is the narration feature which is separate from the speech bubbles!

9. Look out for this Easter egg!

Psst - did you know that if you tap on bunny Usalina on the title loading screen will give you resources? It only works once, but it's so worth it!

10. There's a secret boss

The secret boss is called 000, and is very difficult to beat - you need 100 level characters to do it. You can access him by gaining the 000 battle unit from gacha, then viewing the character icon with the Eye icon on the Enhancement page and waiting.