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Gen 5 Pokemon Quiz - Can You Beat It?

Pokémon is super popular, and Gen 5 could be the coolest - do you know it well?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 23rd 2024

With so many different and cool looking Pokemon of all shapes and sizes it can be hard to remember them all! Think you’ve got what it takes to ace a quiz on them? Give it a try and see how well you do, we’ll be waiting! Good luck!

Pokemon | Nintendo Corporation

What is Snivy’s final form?

Pokemon | Nintendo Corporation

What does Liepard start as?


What colour is Tepig?

Pokemon | Nintendo Corporation

What kind of Pokemon is Stoutland?


What kind of animal is Dwebble based on?

Pokemon | Nintendo Corporation

Foongus evolves into what?

Pokemon | Nintendo Corporation

What Pokemon type is Dewott?


What does Gurdurr have as a weapon?


When was Gen 5 released?


What real life animal is Alomomola based on?

Pokemon | Nintendo Corporation

Alright, so maybe this hasn't gone quite so well, but at least it’s not all down the Panpour! You’ve got to start somewhere, right? Why not here?! So if you think you can do better, why not take the quiz again and see if you can score higher?

Pokemon | Nintendo Corporation

Awesome! Now we’re getting somewhere, you know a lot about Gen 5 and you've got the results to show it! That doesn’t mean there isn’t room to get a better score, so why not have a quick spin back through your favourite creatures from the show and see if you can get a better score!?

Pokemon | Nintendo Corporation

Blam! There isn’t much that you don’t know about Gen 5, it's almost as if you're part-Pokemon yourself. You’ve got nearly all of the answers! But if you think you’re a Poke Champ in waiting then why not give it another whirl!? But don’t forget to swing by the Pokecenter first!

Pokemon | Nintendo Corporation

Epic! You’ve nailed every single answer! There’s not a single thing that you don’t know about the fourth generation! You’ve got 100% right on this quiz! Well done! As far as Gen 5 goes you’re a Poke Master and you’ve won full bragging rights, so feel free to show off ot your friends!